Hire UI/UX Designer

With years of experience in the trenches, working with a variety of business domains and solution types, Key Solutions has elaborated on core principles of UI design and implementation that enable us to perfectly combine solution usability and functionality with a quality of implementation. We consistently assure the following UI / UX design attributes of every delivered solution


Feel the experience first, Develop it later.

It may be tempting to go outside the box with your mobile app UX design, but if users don’t understand how to use your app – they’ll abandon it. Your app should ooze familiarity. Users should be able to easily predict the next action and what will happen if they tap a certain custom control.

Thumbs drive 75% of all mobile interactions, that why you should focus on designing for thumb flow, and make your content easily accessible with one finger. Our fat fingers are larger than the mouse cursor (approx. 45-57 pixels wide), though Apple recommends using 44 pixels for clickable elements. Don’t make your buttons too small or situated too closely, so that users can tap them accurately.

We are dedicated to creating products, services and interactive experiences that deliver a superlative User Experience (UX). We offer clear, relevant, concise and easy-to-use Web Applications, Portals, Mobile/Tab Applications and Desktop Applications for varied needs. We understand your product/ services, the possibilities of technology, the landscape of your industry, the competition and then chart a solution to empower your web presence.



  • Clarify your current situation & goals
  • Find out if enterprise UX is fit for you
  • Formulate a range of potential solutions
  • Begin your own UX opportunity blueprint
  • Need-based, Flexible Hiring Models
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Source Code Authorization
  • NDA Terms
  • Managed the Team of Developers
  • Comprehensive Reports

Our UI/UX Development Services

  • End-to-End User Experience
  • User Interface Design Services
  • UX/UI Consulting Services
  • Information Architecture and Prototypes
  • Branding and Print Design
  • Responsive Applications
  • Enhanced visual appeal
  • Rich UI elements and experience
  • User Experience for all Devices