About us

Key Solutions a Web Development Services company focuses on creating custom Website designing, Website hosting services, Website maintenance and support services, E-commerce solutions, Content Management Systems and other web based solutions through its expertise in the field and a talented pool of resources. We lay special emphasis on unique business needs of our client’s and make solutions which help in increase efficiencies in different verticals of the business. Our state of the art infrastructure and effective processes implement web based solutions across various industries and service sector. ” Key Solutions ” customer centric and client relationship strategy ensures mutual growth and satisfied global customer base.


Who we are

Founded in 2007, Key Solutions has grown to become one of Punjab’s leading web site design and internet marketing firms. As our client-base and scope of services has expanded, so too has our desire to provide innovative, custom solutions to each of our clients. With a seasoned staff of talented professionals, Key Solutions is able to offer a full spectrum of creative services, technical and marketing services that go well beyond the basics of web site development. We greet each project with a collaborative approach that is geared towards the client’s unique needs. From strategic analysis to the creation and implementation of engaging designs and self-managed content tools, the entire Key Solutions team will be focused on achieving your goals.


Our Approach

Today Key Solutions proficiencies include full-featured, integrated website & database development, application development, graphic design, copywriting, photography, multimedia, and technologies such as HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, .Net technologies, Flash and a wide range of online & traditional media and marketing services.

We offer a collaborative approach to enable:

1. Value creation aligned to your business strategy.
2. Complete range of service solutions ranging right from sourcing to delivery.
3. Special attention to quality and use of time tested processes & tools.
4. Facilitation to ensure stronger client-solution provider relationships.


Value Proposition

The ‘Key Solutions’ value proposition to the clients is a mix of credentials, expertise and technical knowledge.

Our differentiation

Technical Competence
‘Key Solutions’ has a huge pool of talent on prevalent and emerging technologies. We invest time and resources to initiate work on technologies of the future and have full-fledged labs and development centers for our technical professionals.

Domain Expertise
It is a coming together of IT and business strategy that forms the core of the Company. Domain and industry experts work to understand the finer nuances of the business and offer IT solutions that are typically suited to that industry and its requirements.

Project Scalability
‘Key Solutions’ delivery model and infrastructure permit projects to be scalable. Rapid ramp up capabilities ensure that project timelines are met without over-runs. Infrastructure facilities are also geared to meet demands of clients to scale up as and when required with minimal lead-time.


We’re Different

We’re different, because we’re not confined to just one form of media, but we stretch client’s return on investment through the collaborative use of different forms of media such as web, print, multimedia and television

Key Solution’s relationships with its clients works like partnerships. At Key Solutions we strive to develop long-term, personal client relationships facilitating the creation of timely, tailored, integrated solutions that grow with the client’s business. It is no mistake that some of our first clients are our oldest clients.


Quality Commitment

“Key Solutions” is strongly committed to Quality – ‘institutionalized’ at “Key Solutions” as it is a way of life across the organization.

we are totally committed to add value to our customers business by providing timely, cost effective & technological equivalents of planned obsolescence. We will comply with our Quality Management System and continually strive towards its improvement, as we believe that quality is our key competitive differentiation.

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